NamWater elects to pilot CAT’s RouteMaster after 20 years of manual water meter reading.
September 1, 2020

Namibia Water Corporation Ltd (NamWater) is a commercial entity supplying water in bulk to industries, municipalities, and the Directorate of Rural Water Supply in the Ministry of Agriculture, Water, and Forestry in Namibia. NamWater has been taking water meter readings manually for the past 20 years.

With thick bushveld, expansive grass plains, the captivating Okavango delta rolling desserts sticking the toes of their last dunes in the Atlantic Ocean, Namibia knows no shortage of eco and cultural diversity. As you can imagine, with a country that is relatively sparsely populated supplying clean water consistently can become a substantial challenge. This challenge is left at the doors of the parastatal NamWater.

Choosing a reliable and dependable solution for the collection, assessment, and verification of water meter readings for billing purposes is no small task and after much deliberation and investigation, NamWater elected to pair their SAP ERP and Billing solution with the CAT RouteMaster.Net water meter solution as also deployed in many other Namibian cities and towns including the City of Windhoek, Swakopmund and Walvis Bay amongst others.

The pilot project for NamWater will be run in 2 regions testing out 2 different types of water meter reading hardware as an assessment of their long-term viability in the harsh Namibian environment. Once this pilot has been completed the view is to expand the best of these technologies to all the other regions serviced by NamWater.


As with all our other customers we at CAT wish for a long relationship continually adding substantial value to NamWater.