Digital Transformation in Remote Data Acquisition and Field Services
October 7, 2020

The time for Digital Transformation is now


Whilst many companies’ strategies take up to 5 years to implement the recent chain of events globally has proven that the time is now.

Consolidated African Technologies has been able to carve out its 30-year existence in the digital space and has applied its know-how, capability, and expertise to the field of remote data acquisition.

Remote Data Acquisition in the African context of the word entails the collection of data from the field in an array of different ways. Most commonly it lends itself to physically visiting a site or premise to collect this data. Often these sites are either urban, suburban, peri-urban or rural locations. The ability to enhance the collection and management of this data through its systems has enabled Consolidated African Technologies to provide Utilities, Municipalities, and Municipal Contractors to execute its mandates accordingly.

When the remote data is processed into sets according to context, it provides information. The information that is has been processed through the data collection method becomes interpretable and gains significance and adds value to these key areas we have applied our experience and expertise.

With the extensive use of Rugged Mobile Devices, we have successfully transformed the following field service areas:

Using a scalable, robust, and reliable application framework CAT has developed its flagship meter reading product. RouteMaster Africa.Net has become the go-to meter reading software application in the Utilities and Municipal environments. This application has enabled both Munic’s and municipal contractors timeously and accurately to collect meter readings. By using the digital transformation of meter books the CAT Meter Reading System has been able to ensure billing occurs with collected readings. These readings prove to be accurate and acceptable for billing.

The digital transformation of credit control actions within the municipal realm has enabled revenue enhancement strategies to improve its efficacy.

Whilst having these actions rely on field workers, we have also developed solutions that integrate and interface to Smart Metering and Automatic Meter Reading projects.

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