Easy to use, yet powerful survey software designed for collection and validation of the information that is important to your business.


Quickly create surveys and data collection templates with our intuitive questionnaire designer. Design your own, copy from existing or even automatically create from import data. With over 20 question types and easy to use flow-charting tools, you can create great questionnaires designed to return reliable data.



With robust, user-friendly
mobile data collection software, easily capture reliable data against appropriate questionnaires. Validations are performed on-site to ensure only good data is returned. Automatic timestamps, GPS and embossed photographs provide additional proof of captured information.


Analysis is easy with a set of powerful data analysis tools to highlight exceptions and indicate trends. Reports can be printed and exceptions automatically flagged for further validation or attention. Data can be exported to external systems via a highly configurable data export engine.

Although the system can be used to collect any data, its real power lies in its ability to audit existing data. Using a highly flexible import management tool, existing data from third party systems can be imported and grouped into manageable sized Routes. These Routes are tied to questionnaires and downloaded to mobile computing devices for data collection. Responses are automatically compared to the existing data and appropriate validation and correction of data can be made immediately on-site.
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