MyMeter Metering App: Putting the Trust in Your Hands
March 1, 2023

Meter reading systems and meter reading software are powerful enablers: they provide reliable data for billing. But not even the best meter reading management system or smart meter technology can change a No-Access into reliable data. Estimates, on the other hand, are short term solutions that may help, provided that they are used sparingly.


A Dynamic Meter Reading App for a Changing World

The world, technology and consumer behaviour are continuously changing. Consumers today are more private, price-sensitive and crime-aware. Access for meter readers is increasingly denied, leading to estimated consumption and eventually inaccurate and questionable billing. The end-result is consumers distrusting the billing and refusing to pay their monthly invoices.


Empowering Municipalities

CAT’s My Municipal Meter consumer application, or MyMeter app in short, is CAT’s latest product that was developed to continue empowering municipalities to protect, enhance and collect revenue. MyMeter is not only strengthening the arms of the municipalities, but also putting the consumers in control of their utility billing, putting the TRUST back in Municipalities as far as a consumer’s utility bill is concerned. As a free service to the consumer, MyMeter works in conjunction with RouteMaster, CAT’s enterprise metering management system.

MyMeter was launched in Mogalakwena Local Municipality in November 2022. Mogalakwena LM is one of CAT’s longest serving customers and welcomed the initiative. The effort is minimal: consumers download the app from Google’s Play Store, Apple’s App Store or Hauwei’s Store, register with the municipal account number and submit their meter readings! Each submitted reading is accompanied by a compulsory date and time stamped photo for quality control purposes. The number of No-Accesses decreased by 15% within the first month of using MyMeter at Mogalakwena Local Municipality. All expectations were exceeded with the trust put in the hand of the consumer.


A Powerfull Meter Reading App Solution

MyMeter presents every meter’s historic consumption over the last 12 months. Consumers are reminded of past utilization, which informs and drives future behaviour. Question marks are piling up behind the continued availability of potable water in South Africa. Thus, apart from putting trust back, MyMeter reminds consumers to use water sparingly.

MyMeter empowers both the Municipality and the consumer, a win-win for all.

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