Pre-termination Notices, Printing and Distribution Management System
December 8, 2021

We are very proud to announce that our RouteMaster Cloud App is now ready! The application is designed to import addresses from an Excel spreadsheet, geolocate the addresses (if data provided is complete) and generate work orders for any fieldwork activity to be done.

RouteMaster® Cloud App Pretermination Notices, Printing and Distribution Management System

The system is ideal for Municipalities and credit control activities that require pre-termination notices, amongst others, to be delivered. Taking the pre-termination notice delivery process as an example, the Application is used to generate a unique process that is used to print the notices, import the addresses for delivery, generate work orders for the delivery, and then allocate set addresses to fieldworkers. The fieldworker will log on to the App, receive the work orders, and will be guided to the relevant addresses.

The pre-termination notice delivery process can be set up to capture required field data, such as but not limited to, time, location, address, and date-stamped photos and signatures of the receiver.

Contact Ashton Enoch ( or Erik Theron ( or call the office at 011 789 1014 for more information, a demonstration, and/or a quotation.