RouteMaster Africa.Net meter reading system adopted by Abaqulusi Local Municipality.
October 15, 2021

Abaqulusi Local Municipality is the focal point of interest for the beginning 27th September 2021. A successful integration to municipal billing system Munsoft for the reading of meters using our flagship meter reading system, RouteMaster Africa.Net. The solution would be used to read the conventional electricity and water meters that have been deployed in the Abaqulusi Municipal area. This demarcation includes Vryheid and surrounding towns which include amongst others Lowsburg, BhekuZulu, Emondlo, Hlobane, and Vaal.


How it Works

The CAT Meter reading solution that has been implemented for the Abaqulusi Local Municipality will be used by the meter reading contractor as a solution to collect, verify and submit readings from the field. The CAT Meter Reading system comprises of electronic handheld devices that are used in the field to collect the meter readings for both water and electricity meters. The handheld devices contain our Android-based meter reading software. This software allows for the meter readings to be captured and stored on handheld devices.  Photos are collected onsite of each meter. This provides the back-office operator with the necessary information to verify the readings collected onsite.

As a result, all data collected onsite is uploaded into the CAT Meter Reading Solution – RouteMaster Africa and allows for the accurate assessment of the data collected onsite by the Meter Reader. Each Meter Route is analyzed through the meter reading software solution. This provides peace of mind for the Municipal billing process. Reliable readings are billed accurately.

The solution will enable the Abaqulusi Local Municipality to advance with the times and advancement in technology. The system capability ensures that a photo for every reading is taken onsite and makes provision for the GPS coordinates. Looking ahead this will resolve many billing-related queries.


Are you looking for  Meter Reading Software?

The CAT team wishes the Abaqulusi Local Municipality many happy years with the super capable and ultra-reliable RouteMaster Africa.NET solution. Are you looking to resolve municipal billing-related issues? Contact us for an enterprise-level meter reading solution today.