TRAIN THE TRAINER – Water Utilities Corporation Botswana
April 6, 2022

Software Applications require some level of training for end-users. RouteMaster Africa, our enterprise meter reading software has been used at Water Utilities Corporation – Botswana for a number of years.

This software solution provides for the electronic capturing of on-site meter readings using a handheld device. The backend system harnesses a robust and scalable industry-standard database to analyse the meter readings collected onsite.


Accurate water utility metering

With the intervention of dedicated staff RouteMaster Africa is able to provide accurate meter readings and proof of the readings captured onsite. RouteMaster Africa also provides for the logging of GPS coordinates for each meter read. Since there are operators that use the system from the analysis aspect and data collection aspect both groups require training.

It is so important for us to share what we know with others. While we all have skills and knowledge in a certain area or subject, we don’t always know how to transfer this to someone in a way where learning will take place. Training is a skill in itself, Consolidated African Technologies has officially provided a Train the Trainer Course. Water Utilities Botswana has become the first official site to receive this training.

Proper training is essential for reliable metering operations

Train the Trainer is aimed at individuals who are or will be involved in the daily operations of meter reading and revenue income sections. These individuals may include line managers, HR managers, supervisors, billing coordinators, and meter readers.


SECTION 1 – Handheld Software

• Ice-breakers and energisers
• Introduction to Meter Reading
• Meter Reading Goals and Outcomes
• Handheld Introduction (Physical Devices)
• Handheld System Requirements
• Learning materials/audio-visual aids/presentations
• Handheld Software Application


SECTION 2 – RouteMaster Software

• Ice-breakers and energisers
• Introduction to Meter Reading Systems
• Revenue enhancement Goals and Outcomes
• RouteMaster Meter Reading System Introduction
• RouteMaster Meter Reading System Requirements
• Learning materials/audio-visual aids/presentations
• Meter Reading System Software Application



• Who, what, where, when, why practical examples are given
• Reactionnaires and questionnaires


Each trainer is then given an aspect of the data flow and asked to explain its function and its use. Trainers are also required to perform this task in the manner in which they wish to re-enact the scenario with their colleagues.

Water is life. Consolidated African Technologies is dedicated to modernising utility metering and billing infrastructure in communities throughout Africa. Thereby ensuring accurate and reliable utility billing for all community members.